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More common in tamsulosin 3-10 years old.

They usually occur after previous infections (measles, scarlet fever, influenza, diphtheria) or are hereditary defects. Your baby does not crawl out of snotty and constantly sits on sick leave? It is possible that the basis of health problems is the growth of the nasopharyngeal tonsil, in other words, adenoid vegetation. We will talk about one of the most popular tamsulosin medical problems among those faced by most parents of kindergarten children: to remove or not remove adenoids.


The disease proceeds slowly, unobtrusively, one gets the impression: is it a disease at all? Most often, adenoids are manifested by the fact that the child often catches a cold, and parents often have to "sit on sick leave", which eventually causes trouble at work. In most cases, it is this circumstance that makes you see a doctor. And in general, the reasons for contacting an otorhinolaryngologist about adenoids are worthy of talking about them separately. They are very unusual.

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For example, the second most frequent reason for going to the doctor is the spontaneously arising discontent of the grandmother, who came from the village, with the child's breathing. Well, I don’t like it. Then comes the accidental detection of something incomprehensible in the nasopharynx during the prophylactic examination in kindergarten. And only in fourth place are medical complaints brought to the doctor. By the way, this very contingent, which is only in fourth place in terms of referral to a doctor, deserves real attention.

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For some, they cause a lot of problems. Although originally intended to protect. The nasopharyngeal tonsils, or adenoids, are the first line of defense against microbes - those that seek to enter the body with air inhaled through the nose. On their way, there is a kind of filter in the form of adenoids. There, special cells (lymphocytes) are produced that neutralize microorganisms.

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Adenoids usually cause trouble for children. In adolescence (13-14 years), the adenoid tissue independently decreases to an insignificant size and does not complicate life in any way. But this is if from the very beginning the problem was treated professionally. Usually errors start from the moment of diagnosis.

Adenoids, or more correctly - adenoid vegetation (adenoid growths) - a widespread disease among children from 1 year to 14-15 years. It most often occurs between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Currently, there is a tendency to identify adenoids in children of an earlier age.


Hearing impairment. Normally, the difference between external atmospheric pressure and internal pressure in the middle ear cavity is regulated by the auditory (flomax) tube. The enlarged nasopharyngeal tonsil blocks the mouth of the auditory tube, making it difficult for air to flow freely into the middle ear. As a result, the eardrum loses its mobility, which affects the auditory sensations.